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The Akosta Cats 


Premiered January 29, 2017. Neve Tsedek in Tel Aviv, Israel

Quinn Gutman voice, visual art, fixed electronics 

Beth Parades piano


Duration: 7:56

Stray cats are not out in the open in the United States, so seeing them everywhere on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel was amazing to me. I wanted to learn about their lives. Where do they eat or sleep? Do they form communities? What’s their relationship with humans? Do they worry about getting hit by a car? Through my observations of these cats, I gave them names and made up stories about them. I picked three of those stories and turned them into

the movements of this piece. Smokey lost their family and owner and doesn’t know what to do. Paulie is a leisurely hedonist cat who enjoys time alone and spends their evenings walking around the outdoor tables of a bar to get some food and love from the customers. Bouvier and Tangerine live next to a pet store and fight violently every night over the food its owner gives them.

Smokey (for solo voice) (text by Louise Edwards)

Paulie (for voice and fixed media)

Bouvier and Tangerine (for solo piano)

Inside and Outside the Monkey Cage 


Text by Joni Raymonde Chira

Premiered: April 2016

Quinn Gutman video instalation and dancer, Ryn McWhirter dancer, Nicolas Randarvielo singer, Chelsea DeSouza chanter, Jay Shapiro rapper, Zoe Swann improvised vocals, Benjamin Craig percussion.


Duration: 12:58

An experiment in four cycles, each movement depicts an aspect of evolution, from human's perception of animals and relationship to them to the languages they speak. 

The Substitute

The Hunt

The Subcontinent


Poem by Zachariah Claypole White

Premiered: April 2016. 

Julia Redden actor/spoken voice 

Quinn Gutman fixed media

Duration: 3:59

All the insecurities and anxieties in the airport. The sounds come from actual recordings made in an airport. The poem is narrated partially by one actor playing the security guards and flight attendants and partially by various voices playing the passengers as they make their way through the airport and onto the plane.

Hunting and Chasing 

fixed electronics

March 2013


Duration: 2.25

Motion in Sound and Sight 


Premiered March 13, 2013 

I-Lin Tsai piano 

Benjamin Rampel percussion 

Quinn Gutman electronics and video


Duration: 9:34

Two original stop-motion animations and music written to go along with them. The first movement, “Opposing”, the music counteracts that aspect with a texture that is at a different tempo than the frames and has more of a smooth, resonating texture. The second movement, “Joining”, sets the music to be making sounds at the exact starting and stopping points of the motions and actions of the film.

Past and Present 


Premiered July 3, 2012 

Quinn Gutman voice and fixed electronics

Ian Monroe piano

 Sara Riskind violin


Duration 3:53

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