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Teaching Singing and Speech

In addition to being a composer and singer, I am also a voice teacher and speech coach who uses a gender-affirming approach. I open students up to explorations of multiple possibilities for what their voice could do beyond the rigid gendered categories our industry imposes. What is most essential to me is that these lessons are a safe space for for students to try new things and figure out how they can express their most authentic selves. My students and I do a lot of trial and error to help figure out what kind of voice they want, and how best to achieve that voice. 

It all started when I was considering testosterone HRT for myself, knowing that one of the biggest effects it has is the voice drop. I did a lot of research for myself, all the while getting my masters degree in vocal performance and learning about vocal pedagogy. Eventually, I continued meeting more transpeople at the beginning of their transition, feeling many of the same insecurities I was, and I passed what I learned on to them.

I've been teaching for over 2 years to many students of various genders and voice types. I got my start in vocal pedagogy at the Longy School of Music with Carol Mastrodomenico. During my transition, I took lessons with Soren Austenfeld and read the work of Liz Jackson Hernes from the Voice Lab Inc. 

"Quinn is an excellent teacher who incorporates many different approaches to vocal pedagogy into their work. I was always learning something new either about the voice or a new technique to elicit better sound from my voice. They are encouraging and easy to work with, and provide good feedback on what could be improved in a respectful and friendly manner.


They are knowledgeable on how transition impacts the voice, and are also sensitive to the needs of trans voices. They provide a pleasant, safe, and nurturing learning environment in which to grow one's voice. I feel much more confident in my singing than when I started, and feel like I have learned a great deal about my voice and myself in the process. I would highly recommend studying with Quinn!" -Rowan Mattox

Lessons can be online or in person in Somerville, MA.

60-minute lesson -- $80

45-minute lesson -- $70

30-minute lesson -- $55

Trial Lessons are Half-Price! 

Contact Me Here!

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“Quinn is a phenomenal teacher and has helped me so much. They helped me regain my confidence with singing. The lessons were fun, and they fostered a safe and encouraging environment. Highly recommend!!” -Manny Santana
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