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Quinn is a teacher at WholeTone Music Academy, a nurturing and rad place to Grow in Self & Sound! Full of visionary teachers on the cutting edge of music education. WholeTone strives to provide their community with highly evolved music education that contributes to life balance, joy, and total wellness. WholeTone offers opportunities to perform in a variety of venues in the Boston area, including the Arts at the Armory Cafe, Somerville Porchfest, hospitals, retirement centers, and other community venues. They are always working on making people of all types and stripes welcome, and consider themselves an LGBTQA safe space. 

Quinn always guides their students through each of their goals and interests. What is most essential is that their lessons be a safe space for their students. This is a space for the student to explore who they are and the musicians they want to become without outside judgement or peer pressure.


Voice: Quinn teaches classical, musical theater, and pop. They help their voice students explore their voice’s abilities and how they can use it to express themselves. Quinn also specializes in teaching trans students while in vocal transition.

Composition/Songwriting: Quinn provides every student with exercises and guidance to help them explore their creativity. It is extremely important for a composer’s piece to come to life through performance. Quinn encourages their students to write pieces for themselves to play and they like to pair their composition students with their voice students and guide them through a collaborative process.


Ear Training/Music Theory: Training the ear is very important for musicians. These skills help a musician learn about pitch, rhythm, and harmony. The method they use is inspired by the Walden School’s Musicianship Curriculum, applying a multi-sensory approach with solfege, hand signs, conducting, keyboard skills and body-movement.

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“Quinn is a phenomenal teacher and has helped me so much. They helped me regain my confidence with singing. The lessons were fun, and they fostered a safe and encouraging environment. Highly recommend!!” -Manny Santana

Sign up through their website to be come a student.

60-minute lesson -- $75

45-minute lesson -- $65

30-minute lesson -- $50

Trial Lessons are Half-Price! 

Lessons can be online or in person in the Boston Area.

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