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We Will Outlive Them...letters to Rivka from Galicia


Commissioned by soprano Jessica Bloch

Upcoming Premiere: May 5, 3pm at the Boston Synagogue

Commissioned by Jessica Bloch, set to letters delivered her Great Great Grandmother in the US while the rest of her family was in Galicia in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire through WWI and WWII. Premiere set for May 5th, 2024 with West End Lyric and the Boston Synagogue.

     I. From Moshe

     II. Second Letter from Moshe

     III. From Israel 

     IV. Third Letter from Moshe

     V. From Gizu

     VI. Second Letter from Israel

     VII. From Brontzi

     VIII. From Chaim

     IX. Second Letter from Brontzi

     X. Second Letter from Gizu

     XI. Death Letter

A Lost Love 


Commissioned by Cortlin Presley


soprano and piano

This song cycle tells the life of Mercedes from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. How her fiance's disapearance dramatically changed her life and who she is as a person. 

1. Mercedes’ Rejection to Fernond

2. The Years that Followed

3. Mercedes sees Edmond Again

A Cappella Arias

For unaccompanied voice.


Duration: 0.5-2 minutes each.

A book of arias sung without accompaniment. They can be sung anytime, anywhere for any occasion. The only preparation needed is practice. I started writing these arias in a time when I was struggling to find an accompanist to perform with me. Ifever I was at an open mic, I could just jump onstage and sing these songs. I'm still writing new songs to add to this collection. I hope to publish several volumes of this collection and turn a cappella singing into a standard practice for singers.

The Thing About Cats (text by John L’Heureux) 2016

Witness (text by Quinn Gutman) 2016

Mowing (text by Robert Frost) 2017

Talk (text by by D. H. Lawrence) 2018

Three Things to Remember (text by William Blake) 2018

Die Erblendende (text by Reine Maria Rilke) 2020

The Unseen Playmate (text by Robert Lewis Stephenson) 2020

Letter (text by Amy Lowell) 2020

Pain or Joy (text by Christina Rossetti) 2020

Do Me a Favor (text paraphrased from Sappho) 2021

The Testimony of Sarah Good (text from the transcript of the witchcraft trial of Sarah Good 1692 Salem Town, MA) 2:00

I am not afraid (text by Quinn Gutman) 2:00

App-les (text by Kelvyn Konig) 1:00

Warbler Woman


poem by Louise Edwards

soprano, guitar and vibraphone

2018 version soprano and piano. 


Duration: 5:23


Premiered: April 2016

This song tells a fictional legend about a half bird/half woman creature and her impact on the world on the day of her birth.

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